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Sober living is a transitional living arrangement for individuals recovering from substance abuse. It provides a drug- and alcohol-free environment to support ongoing recovery efforts.

Sober living is a less structured and more independent living arrangement compared to residential treatment. Sober living focuses on helping individuals transition back into society while maintaining their commitment to sobriety.

Sober living is suitable for individuals want continued support as they reintegrate into daily life while maintaining sobriety.

Second Chance Recovery Residences offers a supportive environment, random drug testing, house meetings, peer support, community outings and access to 12-step programs or other recovery support groups to each of its clients.

The length of stay varies on a client-by-client basis, but Second Chance typically requires its residents to commit to a six-month stay in order to successfully graduate from its program.

Second Chance Recovery Residences’ residents are required to bring their own bedding, pillows, towels, clothing, prescribed medications and toiletries. Residents will also need to purchase their own groceries and laundry detergent.

Please call for a description of Second Chance Recovery Residences’ fee schedule. Second Chance Recovery Residences does not accept insurance.

As firm believers in the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, Second Chance Recovery Residences requires its residents to attend at least one 12-step meeting or alternative recovery support groups a day as part of their commitment to maintaining sobriety.

We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and structured environment for our clients to establish a solid base of recovery

Our program is based on the principles of the 12 Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is through these principles that we are committed to maintaining our sober living environment.